Thursday, March 3, 2016

Volleyball Tournament

This past weekend Zoe had her first tournament experience with her Prior Lake Extreme Volleyball Team.

The tournament was a two day event spread between three locations and the girls played a total of nine matches.  Which means they played 18 games total.  What an experience!  It was new to most of the girls on the team and it was fun to watch them gain confidence as the day went on.  Even though they only won three of their eighteen games the girls were upbeat and determined to do better. 

Zoe had some amazing games.  She is becoming a true leader on the court which her teammates seem to appreciate.  She was continuously trying to rally the girls, offering encouragement and giving her all on the court.  Makes me very proud to watch.

Zoe also had the opportunity to be the team captain for the weekend.  Normally the coach assigns the duty by individual matches, making sure everyone gets a chance to try it out.  For this weekend she had Zoe take over the responsibility for every match.

So proud of my growing volleyball lover.

You can tell it is something she really enjoys and hopes to improve on.

Here's the video from this past week with lots of volleyball coverage.  enjoy!

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