Thursday, March 31, 2016

Road Trip Time with my Brother and Sister

This past week I had the awesome opportunity to take a road trip with both Carrie and Andy.

We traveled to Los Angles so that I could attend a wedding shower for my sister-in-law, Sarah.

What an experience!

Driving, chatting, or just staring out the window watching the landscape fly by . . . it was time well spent with my two favorite people.

We traveled in Carrie's RV which turned out to be a very comfortable way to travel.  We made great time on the road even though a few days we had to fight some very strong winds.

Being able to pull over for a couple hours of sleep each night alongside eighteen wheelers in either wayside stations or a random gas station along the way was an new and unusual experience for all of us!

In Los Angles we found a KOA to stay at and use as a home base with the camper.  Renting a car to brave the LA traffic turned out to be a very good idea indeed.

After meeting up with Sarah and other family members on Friday night for dinner on Saturday I met Sarah at the Los Angles Flower Market so we could work on idea's for wedding flowers.  
Never in my life have I seen so many flowers in one space.
It was amazing!

On Sunday, we loaded up the RV once again and head out of LA for a short day trip to Las Vegas.  We found a spot to park the RV overnight in the Circus, Circus RV park and then we were off to explore Vegas and watch the Badgers play in their Sweet 16 game (which they won in amazing fashion!)

Monday morning had us heading out of Las Vegas towards the Hoover Dam.  A sight none of us had seen before that turned out to be very cool.

Then it was onward to home back in Minnesota.  The last day of travel we ended up having a long drive in hopes of staying out in-front of a snow storm that was heading towards us.  We arrive home a little before midnight a whole half a day early!

Truth be told I was a little sad it see the trip come to an end, it seemed to go by so quickly but it was nice to be home also.  Shelby girl seemed overly excited to see me and even Jaz and Emily came out of their rooms to say hi despite the late hour.  I think they were happy I was home too!  LOL

And of course I had to make a vlog about the whole event . . . you can check that out below!

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