Thursday, March 3, 2016

Power League #2

This past Sunday Zoe once again had a Power League Day with her Extreme Volleyball Club.

They played four matches and won three of them in two game sets.

It was so fun to see how much they have improved over the past couple weeks and to finally begin experiencing the joy of winning on a more consistent basis.

Zoe once again did an amazing jobs as the unofficial leader on court.  The girls have nicknamed her their "lucky charm" which is sweet.

Zoe serving was SPOT ON!
  I think she is becoming more comfortable with it and is learning to trust her ability more.
She had multiple good runs (limit 3 aces per league rules) and only missed two serves on side-outs.

Another thing she improved on this week that had me very excited to see was her net game.  She attacked the ball more with her setting instead of waiting for the ball to drop to the bumping height, winning quite a few rallies with great ball placement after her sets over the net.

She also had much more success with being able to bump the ball out of the next on those tricky sneaking drop balls which is a difficult skill to learn.  Learning to know when, and how to pop the ball up and out of the net takes time and skill and I was so pleased to see her perfecting this skill and saving a side-out for her team.

The rest of the week was not very vloging worthy, just our same-old, same-old schedule.

As a result I have lots of volleyball footage to share and nothing else!

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