Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Monkey Love

Shelby loves snuggling with her toy monkey.

Jazzy Art

Mid July Garden


New Truck gets a boo-boo

On the way home from our camping trip at Hot Dam, Rock Dam we had a little incident.

Grandpa's tire decided to fall off the back passenger side of his truck as he was driving down Hwy. 29.

The tire shot straight up into the air, bouncing off the top of a over-pass railing and then back down into the highway in which I was following Grandpa.  

I wasn't able to get out of the way of the bouncing tire before it hit the hood of the truck.

It took two tow trucks to get the vehicles off the highway.

Hot Dam, Rock Dam . . . Not so Hot this year! Phew!

Our annual trip to Hot Dam, Rock Dam was this July 14 - 20th.

Oh what a difference a year can make.

Last year, it was Hot, Humid and miserable we spent the whole time at the beach just to survive.

This year the weather was almost chilly at time and felt more like fall.

There was still plenty of summertime weather for us to enjoy all the activities we went camping for...

ATV rides, beach time, hiking, campfire times.

All three of us ( mom and dad, carrie, and I) had sites next to us and we arranged them in a big circle to give us plenty of room.  It worked out wonderful.

Prior Lake Lacrosse Tournament

August 12 and 13th the girls participated in Prior Lakes Lacrosse Tournament.

This was Zoe's first experience with tournament play and she had a great time it seemed.

Playing games and hanging out with her teammates between games was a great experience for her.

Her team, Prior Lake White 3/4, won two of their three games on Saturday.  On Sunday, they lost their first game which finished their play in the tournament.

Despite the loses, her team did an amazing job since like Zoe most of the girls on her team are first time players.  Zoe did a wonderful job with a assist and boxing out the opponents.  I was so proud of her.

This year marked Emily's third year participating in the tournament and it was as fun as ever.  Her team, Prior Lake Gold 5/6, played three games on Saturday; losing only one game. At the end of the day they were ranked third in their grade level bracket.

  On Sunday the girls amazed us all by winning all three of their games.
The final game by one point,  in over time to take the first place slot in the tournament.  

We're all so proud of the girls for their amazing effort and determination.  Emily herself had a great day of play, contributing numerous assists that lead to points on the scoreboard for her team. Way to go Emily!

Poor Zoe

With all the activities Zoe has had in the past two weeks . . . 

swimming, tennis, playground pals and Lacrosse . . . 

Zoe's poor arm muscles are overworked.

Hence the arm sling  . . . for the next two weeks.

4th of July

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Corbin the Gardener

New Wheels

Said goodbye to the old mini van this week.

Replaced it with a Ford 350 Crew Cab

I love it, but it's a beast and I've been avoid parking lots as much as possible.  LOL.

Dan Patch Days

The girls had a great time at Dan Patch Days' again this year.  

Carnival, inflatables, fireworks and a parade. 

What more could you ask for!

This was the first year the girls were able to go off on their own and I only had to stay about an hour.  The girls stayed up to six hours.

Zoe Lacrosse

Emily Lacorsse

Rain, Rain and More Rain

We have had such a rainy month of June it's been crazy.

One particular all day rain fall connected the two ponds in the park.

As soon as it stopped raining Zoe and Sadie went to play in it and had a great time.

It lasted only a day.  But I have to say it was strange seeing ducks swimming in the middle of the soccer field!