Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Prior Lake Lacrosse Tournament

August 12 and 13th the girls participated in Prior Lakes Lacrosse Tournament.

This was Zoe's first experience with tournament play and she had a great time it seemed.

Playing games and hanging out with her teammates between games was a great experience for her.

Her team, Prior Lake White 3/4, won two of their three games on Saturday.  On Sunday, they lost their first game which finished their play in the tournament.

Despite the loses, her team did an amazing job since like Zoe most of the girls on her team are first time players.  Zoe did a wonderful job with a assist and boxing out the opponents.  I was so proud of her.

This year marked Emily's third year participating in the tournament and it was as fun as ever.  Her team, Prior Lake Gold 5/6, played three games on Saturday; losing only one game. At the end of the day they were ranked third in their grade level bracket.

  On Sunday the girls amazed us all by winning all three of their games.
The final game by one point,  in over time to take the first place slot in the tournament.  

We're all so proud of the girls for their amazing effort and determination.  Emily herself had a great day of play, contributing numerous assists that lead to points on the scoreboard for her team. Way to go Emily!

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