Monday, May 2, 2016

Finally Spring!!

Finally it seems like we have some spring like weather that may stick around for more than one day.

I started off the week exploring a new walking trail with Carrie which we were both excited to find and eager to return to.

I started a new quilting project that is taking up all of my free time but I'm loving every second of it.

Volleyball and the Lacrosse are still going strong for Zoe, although I think the double activities two nights a week are starting to wear her down a bit.

The big excitement for the week was our long time friend Matt, came to stay a couple days with us.  He is currently living in Scotland with his wife who is in school over there.  It was awesome to see him again after at least two years.

And finally on Saturday, mom and dad came to visit to help us deal with the massive tree in our backyard that we wanted to remove.  Dad did an amazing job cutting it down.  We worked on it a good four hours - - cutting it all up and moving the brush out of the way, it was difficult work but with so many helpers the load was much lighter.

Our backyard now looks so much different!

Enjoy this weeks Vlog . . . 

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