Thursday, April 7, 2016

Volleyball Tournament

This past week has been a busy one.

I started on a project to revamp the family room starting with a new wall color which I was able to get done during the first couple days of the week. 

Zoe has had volleyball practice as normal and also a tournament on Sunday.

With this week April Fool's Day also arrived.  My morning started out with my sink sprayer being compromised my some cheeky monkey in my house!  Lucky for me that was the extent of the pranks this year other then my yearly call from my father-in-law, Jake who tries to trick my EVERY YEAR!

The most exciting thing of the week for Zoe was being able to stay at a hotel overnight.  Because her tournament was about an hour away and it just so happened to be in the same town as a fabulous outlet mall we decided to travel up a day ahead.  We had so much fun together shopping, hanging out in the hotel room and going out to dinner.

Bright and early Sunday morning Zoe had to be warming up for her first match by 8 am.  The contained four matches in pool play, and one game in bracket play.  We were finally done for the day about 6 in the evening.

Zoe's team did very well even though they had to play some much older and more experienced teams.  They received a ranking of third in pool play but lost their first match in bracket play that finished their day.

Don't forget to watch this weeks Vlog also . . . 

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