Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Volleyball Time

This week the kids had Monday off of school to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day so I took the kids to Skateville to do some rollerskating.  It was the first time Zoe had the opportunity to use the rollarskates she received at Christmas.  It seemed the girls had a good time.  Zoe and Sadie staked while Emily and I hung out on the sidelines.

After skating, Emily and I headed out to do some shopping at the mall.  She had been saving up some money to spend so she was excited to find a few things she liked.

On Saturday afternoon Zoe had three matches scheduled with her new volleyball club, Prior Lake Extreme.  Emily came along to keep me company and we all headed over to the volleyball warehouse to watch the games.  Zoe and I were pretty excited.  She has been practicing with the team twice a week for the last month or so but today was the first games she has played with the new team.

The first two matches were a little rough but the girls hung in there and I thought played well and kept their spirits up even though they did not win which I thought was wonderful to see.

In their final match they ended up winning game two, and three which got them very excited indeed.

Zoe also had an opportunity to help officiate the games which is part of the requirements of playing in the league.  The team will play three matches and help officiate a fourth match.  Zoe tried out being a line judge which I think she was a little nervous about but she did a great job for her first attempt.

All in all I was very much impressed with Zoe play for the day.  She was one of two players on her team that played for the most overall minutes.  And the only team member that played every minute of every game for their first two matches.  She was engaged, had a good serve and worked very hard both on her own game and in rallying her teammates.  It was wonderful to watch.  Some of the girls after their wins call her their good luck charm which I think was sweet.

Here's this weeks Vlog including so footage from the games...enjoy!

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Burlap Luxe said...

I have a niece who plays volley ball, it's such an exciting sport to see that action of that ball, as for roller skating I use to go regularly as a teen along with ice skating. I was in ice skating competitions, I find it really good to keep your kids involved in sports.

Thank you Robin for taking the time to visit me, and commenting always feels good.
I am off to see some of your older posting to catch up with you and what I may have missed out on.

A beautiful weekend to you.