Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Halloween 2015

We had another enjoyable Halloween this year.   It was so nice and relaxing to have it on Saturday instead of a weeknight.  I felt like we had time to enjoy it alot more than normal.

Trick or Treating was a little different this year in that Carrie and her crew decided to go out in her neighborhood which I don't think has ever happened before.  They had friends and family that wanted to be there for the kiddos so it made sense to do their own thing but I have to say it felt weird!

At our house,  Jaz invited over a couple friends to hang out but they all decided to go trick or treating with us so we had a fun little group to go with. 

JJ stayed home and had a campfire in the driveway while handing out candy to trick or treaters passing by.

Zoe lasted the longest length of time and I was just along for the ride!

Below is the Halloween Edition of our weekly vlog!  Enjoy . . . .

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